The Powerful Horses originated from the will to contribute to reinventing the equestrian sector in Portugal based on the love of horses.  

The wellness of horses must be at the same level as the glamour, class and nobility that this sport represents. In this sense, we created this project in 2016 with the goal of offering a premium service from breeding to training and top-level competition, always with our mission in mind: defending and protecting the horses in all stages of their lives, regardless of their individual goal and aptitude.

Not all horses are born stars, but they all deserve the best care. This is where we want to differentiate and contribute to the expansion and elevation of this sports in Portugal and abroad.


At Powerful Horses, the horse always comes first.

From feeding to a weekly training plan, to veterinary assistance, to rest conditions, everything is thought through while bearing in mind the goals and stage of life of each animal. 

Although genetics are a significant factor, we believe that no athlete can reach and keep top performance without training, method, routine and care at the highest level.


The Powerful Horses’ team is formed by highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

Handlers, trainers, veterinaries and farriers, they all play a fundamental role before, during and after each competition. 

Passion and respect for horses, for everything they represent and for their extreme sensitivity are undoubtedly the main force that drives our work group who often sacrifices itself for the wellness and evolution of these animals.